Simon Cowell Unleashes “Take The Lead” Dog Show Idea

Throwing yet another new reality TV format into consideration, Simon Cowell’s latest project is scheduled for a potential release this Christmas on ITV1, and while it is set to contain the elements of ‘reality TV’ and ‘celebrities’ which many despise, those viewers may be won back with the premise of their pets being the star of the show.

The ‘dog talent show’ entitled Take The Lead is designed to be a one-off special that will feature celebrities and their pets in front of a live audience competing with stunts/routines to win a viewer vote.

Cowell’s plans include a number of elements taken from this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, including hiring judge Alesha Dixon as a presenter, and bringing Ashleigh Butler (the dog handler that was part of the winning ‘Ashleigh & Pudsey’ act that won the show and kickstarted the ‘dog act’ craze) in as an expert to fill a seat on the judging panel, although little else is known about the plans.

A source of the project said of the idea (which will add to Cowell’s other proposed formats including talent shows based on cookery and technology): “Simon is very excited about this show. It’s no secret that he loves dogs.”

Having had success with the idea on Britain’s Got Talent, it seems as though Cowell and ITV are now looking to give dog dancing a show on its own, but will the one-off special prove to just be a ‘celebrity learns a new skill’ show with the addition of Z-list animals? However much ‘connection’ a celebrity-dog partnership has, though, they will have a tough time to get anything close to the quality of this routine:


  1. Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell October 16, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    Sounds like a !!t% idea. Dogs? Cannot the old wrinkly think of anything better? After Red or Black i dont spose he can do much worse!!!!

  2. A
    A November 25, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Okay, I LOVE Ashleigh and Pudsey! I am their BIGGEST fan EVER! And I cannot STAND it when someone critisizes little Puds. ^ That is not very kind. :( I LOVE ASHLEIGH AND PUDSEY! :)

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