Simon Cowell Sells Animated Movie Pitch

Following on from a number of talent contest franchises around the world and a televised cooking contest (which is set to conclude this week), Simon Cowell has announced his latest plans for the entertainment industry, with the surprising choice of animation as his area of interest for a new project.

simon_cowell_shrekAs opposed to capitalising on his ties with Fox to fill a (possibly soon-to-be-empty) void in their Animation Domination block, Cowell is planning to go straight to cinema, revealing that he has sold a ‘feature-length script’ to an unnamed studio, having spent 10 years writing it.

He stated to Daily Star Sunday of the plan: “I have an animation movie I have just sold. It’s my concept. It’s an idea I had ten years ago and the first studio I’ve gone to wants it. Making an animation is something I’ve always, always, wanted to do because I love cartoons. We only did the deal a few weeks ago so I’m not allowed to say any more. I am definitely looking to make more movies. We’ve already started with the Paul Potts film and One Direction movie but expect more.”

A source added to the story by stating: “He wants to feature in some way. He also wants the biggest Hollywood A-listers to do the voiceovers. Don’t be surprised if one or two familiar faces from his reality shows appear too.”

The currently-untitled movie is planned for a ‘Christmas 2014′ release date, with its creator also planning to cameo with a voice acting role. Adding to his recent claims of desiring an Oscar for ‘producing or screenwriting’, will the cinematic venture pay off for Simon Cowell, or will it follow doomed gameshow Red or Black? by being something that is in his apparent interests, just not his expertise?

While Cowell’s script will not have to compete with any of the below, if he’s committed enough to the project, he has probably done his research into the recent and upcoming competitors of family animated films and seen what works for a general audience. Our verdict of the five below – one has already been released and has been a fairly good success, another has more than enough potential to reach those heights due to the company behind it, two of them are probably aimed even more for the younger members of a ‘family movie’ audience, and one just begs the question ‘why’? The video at the end of this batch, for those that make it that far, is one that shows Cowell has had previous experience in the format:

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