Simon Cowell Brings Talent Shows Online With YouTube You Generation

Seemingly not content with his new cooking contest Food Glorious Food being launched this week, English talent show mogul Simon Cowell has revealed a new competition that will be an online-exclusive.

simon_cowell_aviatorThis contest, perhaps to compensate for the cancelled World’s Got Talent project in 2011, will celebrate the connectivity of the internet by being a much more global affair than the usual selection of national or region-based series. The new contest, called The You Generation, will run for one year starting from 20 March, with a new category of talent opened ‘every fortnight’.

The You Generation will be a joint project between Cowell’s Syco label and YouTube, seemingly aiming to find the best untapped talent in each of their categories, with users able to upload their auditions to the site.

While the search will expand to 15 languages and 26 territories, promotion for the web-based show began this week in an undisclosed location (presumably London (England)), with a trailer guest-starring Cowell as he surprises young people on a ‘bedroom’ set filming their auditions.

Opening with the claim: “Online, your talent can easily get lost… but that depends on who is watching,” the video shows six auditionees performing on the set, before a fourth wall is raised to reveal the famed talent show judge greeting them.

The video introduces the show with the YouTube description: “The You Generation is the world’s first global audition, giving you the chance to show off your skills and win amazing prizes, simply by uploading a video. Get ready for 20th March and follow us.”

The trailer and all six initial auditions can be seen below, but will The You Generation take off, or will this online talent show get lost regardless of who is behind it?


  1. Rafael
    Rafael March 2, 2013 at 4:59 am

    Seems the internet is ready for live tv streaming. If all channels would move to the internet we can end our television subscriptions and digital antenna’s :-)

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