Showtime Renew Nurse Jackie For Sixth Season

Showtime black comedy Nurse Jackie has been confirmed for renewal to another season, after executives at the premium cable network greenlighted the series for a sixth run.

nurse_jackie_promoSet to make its comeback on screens in 2014, production for the new episodes will begin in New York City (USA) later this year, re-uniting the main cast members once more. This cast is led by Edie Falco portraying lead ‘Jackie Peyton’, an emergency room nurse in a New York hospital that faces challenges both with her career and with a drug addiction.

The series, having so far reached 54 episodes (and being two from the end of season 5) and having claimed awards such as an Emmy in its 4-year history since 2009, will continue its behind the-scenes structure of a ‘co-production’ of Showtime & Lionsgate, who are continuing to use Clyde Phillips (Nurse Jackie‘s showrunner as of season four) for  in 2012, will again return for the sixth run.

David Nevins, the president of Showtime Entertainment, said of the deal: “Nurse Jackie is an essential part of the Showtime brand, and we are thrilled with the series’ growth in its fifth season. Under the new leadership of Clyde Phillips, and with an amazing cast led by Edie Falco, this show is as sharp and compelling and entertaining as ever. I’m excited to get to see the next chapter in Jackie’s life.”

While that wait to see the ‘next chapter’ will be the best part of a year after season 5 concludes this month, you can spend some of your time heading back to the very start with this trailer:

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