Seth MacFarlane Goes Back to the Futurama For Furry Guest Stint

Following on from his recent guest role in The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show creator Seth MacFarlane will add another item to his list of animated comedy credits by guest starring in the final season of Comedy Central’s Futurama.

fry_and_seymourThe role, however, will be an unusual one which he is well-versed in, offering the voice of ‘Seymour’, the pet dog from the past of lead character Fry, returning for the first time since featuring in season 4 episode “Jurassic Bark”, but providing what many believe to be one of the most ’emotional’ moments in animated comedy history, viewable in part below.

Futurama executive producer David X Cohen summarised the arrangement, saying of the character: “This will be Seymour’s first and only spoken dialogue. Since Seth voices Family Guy’s talking dog, Brian, we thought it would be funny to have him blatantly rip himself off for our benefit. As an added bonus, the only person he can sue is himself, so we’re off the hook.”

Entertainment Weekly claim that the episode in question, “Game of Tones”, will broadcast on 14 August as the show’s 137th of a planned 140, and seeing the crew travel inside Fry’s dreams to complete a mission based in 1999, the year that Fry was originally from, and when Futurama began.

While other guest stars for the final run of episodes include animation regulars Dan Castellaneta and Adam West, alongside the likes of George Takei and Larry Bird, it has also been confirmed that Sarah Silverman will return as another relic of Fry’s past as ’20th century girlfriend’ Michelle, although much of the focus will be on MacFarlane in the dream sequence role, as he continues a relationship with Futurama that started with singing the theme tune on ‘season 5′ DVD movie Into the Wild Green Yonder.

Having already begun this week on Comedy Central, the episodic countdown to Futurama’s closure is now at ’12’, but will the guest stars help make season 7B one that goes out on a high? MacFarlane, of course, will be delighted to be able to perform more talking dog schtick if he gets the chance:

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