Samsung Unveil HomeSync As Apple TV Challenger

The current ongoing ‘Mobile World Congress’ 2013 event in Barcelona (Spain) is primarily focused on smartphones as the name would imply, but currently other types of products are grabbing the headlines, as Samsung unveiled a new ‘HomeSync’ TV set-top box designed to take some sales away from market rivals such as ‘Apple TV’.

samsung_homesync_revealThough few additional details have been revealed on the the media streaming product, the HomeSync is a product that will add fuel to their ongoing battles with Apple by using the Android Jelly Bean operating system.

While not a Google product, this application of Android (as opposed to their new range of Windows-based flexible smartphones) will give users of the box access to the Google Play store and all its Android-compatible items, along with video on-demand services and regular TV schedules.

Noted as part of the expected features from Samsung were Android compatible-games, music services, and ‘online portals’, available at full 1080p HD picture quality where available, and along with being widely seen as more accessible than Apple’s product (notably through number of available apps), Samsung’s device will be looking to go one-up on their rivals by other means than their backing.

One such method is said to be the HomeSync’s in-built 1TB hard drive, enabling an unprecedented range of content to be stored locally and reliably, while the box also permits up to 8 user accounts for the household to enable private and shared storage options.

Also featured is the ability to control the product via smartphone apps, while connected with USB 3.0, micro-USB, Gigabit Ethernet, 4.0 Bluetooth, and ‘optical audio out’, alongside 1GB RAM and 1.7GHz dual-core processing power, amongst other selling points. Set to hit American shelves first this April, and a worldwide roll-out at a later date. Although further details such as pricing have not yet been confirmed, the Samsung HomeSync is looking technically like more than a worthy challenger to Apple TV’s market presence for set-top boxes, but will it be able to live up to its potential?

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