Samsung TV Prepares For Central Control

Samsung’s efforts in the development of smart TV sets are as expected primarily entertainment-focused, but their other products are not being left out of the equation, even those that do not necessarily blend together well with the entertainment hub (brand names aside).

samsung_kitchen_appliances_with_tvRegardless of its perception on paper, Samsung have revealed the latest update to their smart TV software (including the developer’s option ‘Smart TV SDK 5.0′ released on 6 January) that offers the ability to remotely control… your household appliances.

The update, addressed in a recent post of the ‘Samsung Tomorrow’ blog, announces the ability to use a Samsung Smart TV remote as a new central hub control for regular household items such as “lighting, air conditioning, and refrigerators”.

Samsung noted of their update, designed as a beta version to try to create an even more seamless and functional piece of technology than has ever been used in the market: “Samsung’s new Smart TV SDK has expanded available platforms for easier app development and its functions have been dramatically improved to enhance apps’ usability and performance. The SDK 5.0 is compatible with more devices than its predecessor and will enable consumers to control their home appliances – including lighting, air-conditioning and refrigerators – by using Samsung’s Smart TV application.”

Samsung’s ‘president of software research & development team’ Byun Young-Ki noted: “With membership and SDK downloads increasing yearly, the Samsung Development Forum website is becoming one of the world’s largest TV app developer communities. We plan to provide more various platforms and improve a development environment to expand the Smart TV app ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, though, and as if by magic, South Korean rivals LG have again kept up the trend of being neck-and-neck with Samsung in the technological development stakes, after announcing on the same day the service ‘LG HomeChat’, designed to use ‘messaging apps’ (presumably available through smart TV sets) that can ‘interact’ with home & kitchen items such as ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines, amongst others.

With so many ‘coincidental’ competing announcements, it appears as though LG will never let Samsung out of their sight for more than a day’, though the vice-versa is also true…

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