Samsung Survey Discovers 16% Increase in UK TV Viewing

A recent study of the British Isles by Samsung has revealed that 16% of the region, on average, is consuming more TV content than they were at the same time last year.

samsung_smart_labs_smarttv_surveyThe ‘Smart TV Futures’ investigation, conducted by Future Laboratory on behalf of Samsung, is suggesting that in spite of an ever growing presence of ‘internet TV’ through desktops or portable devices,  traditional methods (including watching on smart TV sets) still thrive as the most common.

A leading find of the investigation noted that 35% of those surveyed claimed they ‘couldn’t live’ without television, with over a third in the region admitting that the financial downturn had had an effect on their viewing habits, tending to be drawn towards more ‘escapist’ content than before.

In the information that will be more traditionally useful to network executives, it was noted that the average person in the UK & Ireland view 2.7 hours of TV per day, while 10% of all viewing is now ‘time-shifted’ (either recorded through a DVR or by catch-up streaming). In terms of accessing apps or potentially even additional video content such as a catch-up service, it was revealed that 55% have connected to the internet via their smart TV set, while owners of such products were 2.5 times more likely to purchase an item advertised based on seeing the commercial through a connected set.

There were also direct positive and negative effects of TV on show with the survey, as 19% of people admitted that they would watch movies on TV rather than go to the cinema, while the same question for live sporting events drew a response of ‘1 in 10′. However, it appears as though when it comes to going out to take lessons in a craft, it is more sensible to stay in and watch it on TV, as 65% of people responded that they have ‘learned more’ on shows covering household topics including cookery & DIY than they ever had in schools.

For the future of the industry, it was noted that smart TV sets could be a point of direct shopping for 25% of users by the end of next year (thanks primarily to ‘interactive advertising’), while respondents were also asked to offer their belief on future developments of the next decade, with many (45%) expressing belief that the experience will be ‘more interactive’, while just under one in five offered opinions that features such as ‘gesture control’, ‘crowd sourcing’, and ‘show recommendations’ would take centre stage.

A Samsung spokesperson summarised of the statistics: “For us the future is about discovery. TVs are getting so powerful that they will enable people to discover not only more of the shows and films they love, but more of anything and everything they love. We can certainly see a time where TV will shape the way we chat to our friends, shop online and control our homes. We are already offering consumers some of these features in our award-winning range of televisions and over the next decade we’ll be leading the charge into this second golden age of TV.”

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