Samsung Smart TVs Launch With OLED And Voice Control

Whatever you think of Smart TV sets, they are here to stay and manufacturers just need to get the technology right. The biggest flat screen TV manufacturer,  Samsung Electronics have launched a new range of big OLED screen smart TVs with snazzy new features, that they hope will excite the consumer in this emerging market.

samsung-oled-smart-tvThe huge range of 16 connected TV’s come in sizes from 46-75 inches, and launch in Korea this week, and will include voice and gesture commands that let viewers speak commands and use motion control for actions such as channel and volume change.

Samsung and closest TV-making rival, LG Electronics Inc., are focusing on OLED and other pricier models as unit sales slow amid a shift in consumer preference toward portable devices such as smartphones.

To make the smart experience better, the sets come with a smart touch remote control featuring a touch pad, and will have a smart hub panel making use of five different screens,  categorizing TV, movies, apps, music, and social networking.

Samsung expect the TV market to grow by 5% in 2013 after a disappointing 2012 and are concentrating on high-end products to give a boost to the stagnant TV market. The company hope that the new sets will enable them to lead the market for the next eight years.

Head of Samsung’s TV division, Kim Hyun-Suk said, “We will create new growth momentum in the stagnant TV market… our strategy is focusing on the premium TV segment to further strengthen our lead.”

The new ultra-thin range will be equipped with organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) screens and will be for only large size screens because, “The market for high-end TVs larger than 60 inches is expected to grow more than 30 percent this year.”

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