Samsung Rumoured For Flexible Approach To CES 2013 With New TV Announcement

South Korean technology giants Samsung, while still fighting Apple over a number of technology patent disputes, still need to push on with other areas of their business, one of which is said to be the planned unveiling of ‘new television hardware’ during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) in early next year, with reports also suggesting that the previously-rumoured launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone will not occur at the trade show in Las Vegas (USA).

Reports from CNET suggest that Samsung will be saving their next batch of upcoming mobile devices for a ‘separate media event’ later in the year (perhaps with similarities to the way that Apple and Amazon conduct business for such products), despte previous rumours that Samsung’s newest handheld product would be launched at the event.

The main part of their appearance was believed to be for a new smartphone, containing a ‘powerful quad-core processor’, 13-megapixel camera, and an ‘unbreakable’ 1080p 5-inch screen.

In addition, the company are said to be working on a budget model of the Samung Galaxy Note 2 device, alongside a ’13-inch detachable keyboard hybrid tablet’ as a means of challenging the Windows Surface products.

Meanwhile, while it is currently unclear what will actually be included in the ‘TV hardware’ product reveal (following on from a similar announcement at CES 2012), many fans of the company will be hoping that it brings a headlining innovation to the market, such as Samsung’s own development of ‘flexi-screen technology’ or the HzO ‘liquid resistant’ barrier for smartphones premiered at CES 2012.

While like many ‘major reveals’ interested parties will need to wait until the show itself (which in this case will be held between 8-11 January 2013), Samsung have given potential customers a small glimpse at their intentions to appear at the show, with the following 15-second ‘teaser video’ for CES 2013:

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