Samsung Hint At New Smart TV Shape At Show

The big reveal of Samsung’s highly-anticipated new smart TV set (which they claim will be the envy of all mere mortal televisions) is just a week away now, with the CES 2013 show in Las Vegas (USA) set to play host to a range of new TV products spearheaded by Samsung’s headlining effort.

samsung_transparent_smart_tv_ces2013Rumours still circulate over what the TV could contain (with 4k HD and OLED display at the forefront of the suggestions), though what the South Korean company have implied with an unusual new promo image is a portrait-view TV that is also transparent, or at least that is what’s being interpreted by many.

The current rumours strongly suggest that it will be a rotated HDTV set that could offer transparency when powered down, while weaker rumours suggest that it will merely be a TV that has the tablet-style feature of screen rotation to fit a user’s needs.

Samsung’s official announcement of the picture sheds a little light on the subject, as the subject of the upcoming reveal was described as: “A true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design…”

While it is difficult to imagine any other shape aside for a TV aside from a square or rectangle, another suggestion is that Samsung are merely looking to stretch outwards to a 21:9 ‘extra widescreen’ ratio rather than the standardised 16:9. One option not considered, though, seems to be the use of their previously-announced ‘flexi-screen’ technology, though quite how this would be implemented or practical for a method which has not yet arrived in public on smartphones probably puts it out of the question aside from a major surprise.

With Samsung’s campaign of building anticipation for their new product obviously working, what new method of viewing (if it even is that ‘new’) will be behind their curtain at CES 2013?


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