Samsung Get Set For New Smart Hub At CES 2013

While everyone in the world will today look to celebrate the year 2012 and bring in 2013, technology companies will have their focus mainly on the industry’s big annual celebration (or rather, a look ahead to the new year) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) in Las Vegas (USA) in a week’s time, and while the biggest names will be on show to reveal some of their newest plans at least in part, Samsung are currently front-runners to be described as the ‘show-stealers’, with their long-confirmed smart TV product that is set to be revealed at the event amongst a number of other unveilings.

samsung_smart_hubThe release, confirmed to be under their ‘Smart Hub’ brand name, will follow on from previous versions of products and software by ‘bringing together’ a user’s smart TV apps, music, and social networking profiles, along with the more traditional TV and movie options.

The official ‘Samsung Tomorrow’ blog claims that the tile-based user interface will be split into five different categories (‘On TV’ (live), ‘Movies and TV Shows’ (on-demand), ‘Apps’, ‘Social’, and ‘Photos, Videos & Music’), which will support a new motion remote quickview function called ‘Flipping’, described as being similar motion-wise to turning pages in a book.

Seonwoo Lee, Samsung Media Strategy Marketing Team vice-president, noted of the upcoming release: “2013 Smart Hub will be able to provide the variety of owning five TVs just with one device. This will provide more convenience to the user experience of smart contents such as live TV or apps.”

The Samsung Tomorrow blog added: “In 2013, users can look to Smart Hub for a more intuitive experience with various contents, live TV broadcasts, VOD, apps, internet and such. All this content will be available on one screen divided into five sections, each holding a spot for a different category.”

While they will be up against some competition, most notably against South Korean rivals LG (who claim to have invented a ‘wheel’ function to add to their Magic Remote), will Samsung’s revealing be the high-point of CES 2013? A second trailer released claims that once their new product is revealed, all mere mortal TV sets (including yours) will quickly get jealous and abandon their owners to descend on Las Vegas and gaze at the brilliance…

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