Samsung Announce Their 85 Inch Ultra HD Plans

While the recent market trend in the world of TV development has been to create sets in the up-and-coming ‘Ultra HD’ format, Samsung are looking to become the owners of a title that is quickly changing hands, as they plan to reveal the world’s ‘largest commercially available’ Ultra HD LED TV set during the CES 2013 electronics show in Las Vegas (USA) early next year.

The South Korean technology giant, who are still locked in a number of legal battles with Apple over features of more portable devices, are said to be planning a showcase of their new ’85-inch set’ at the annual trade show, with the upcoming set set to boast an eight million pixel resolution.

The rumours follow on from Japanese companies Sony and Toshiba releasing their own Ultra HD products over the past few months, with the new 4K Ultra HD standard, as the name implies, has a four times higher resolution than the 1080p found on current highest-quality HD products.

Samsung’s effort, if brought to fruition, would be much smaller than the current largest set (the ‘non-commercial’ 152-inch Ultra HD product from Panasonic), but would become the largest on the market, narrowly edging past the ’84-inch 4K television’ from South Korean rivals LG.

Samsung claim to have broken new records for their HD TV sales division in North America last month with over 1.15m units brought in the continent, but while their next planned model may not be so keenly snapped up at an estimated pricetag of $19,000, will it become the company’s most headline-worthy item on the shelves?

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