Samsung Add Movl To Smart TV Playing Options

Further bolstering their options when it comes to providing connected content for viewers across devices, Samsung have this week revealed the the acquisition of Movl, a start-up company specialising in ‘second-screen app communications’ that will offer plenty of innovation in the area.

movl_tv_appThe little-known company are said to be a market leader when it comes to producing second-screen apps, most notable for producing the ‘ API platform’, designed specifically for developers to use as the basis for their own apps that are cross-synchronized  between smart TV sets and connected devices (including smartphones and tablet computers).

A Movl spokesperson summarised of their new owners: “Two years after our inception, in April 2013, we are now a part of Samsung Electronics. We’re looking forward to combining our capabilities with the innovation within Samsung’s device ecosystem.”

Despite being founded in 2011, Movl were a recognised force by Samsung for quite a while before the purchase, after they won an edition of the South Korean technology company’s ‘connected TV developer contests’ with the app WeDraw. Another notable app from Movl has been PokerFun, a live and interactive poker game featuring a TV screen representing the main ‘table’, and an appropriate number of connected devices serving as the place players hold their hands of cards.

With now a compatible interface with Google TV sets and Android/iOS devices, and plans for future growth, it is unclear whether Samsung will look to operate with profit or in-house exclusivity in mind, as the benefits of having direct access to Movl with no competitors becomes measured against the money that can be made by selling their service to rivals, though it can be pretty much guaranteed that Samsung will be at least looking to use their new property to enhance their own second-screen connectivity abilities…

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