Russell Brand Takes Over The News In Unusual Interview

English actor and comedian Russell Brand is known for his slightly unorthodox sensibilities, and continued his reputation in style during a recent news interview, where he ended up taking over as a temporary host of a morning news show.

russell_brand_upcloseAppearing on MSNBC show This Morning in America to promote his upcoming global stand-up tour The Messiah Complex, 38-year-old Brand proceeded to stand out from the regular crowd of celebrity appearances as he ’caused chaos’ on-screen during his interview.

This ‘rap sheet’ included breaking a table, joking about the office writers in the background of the studio, making host Mika Brzezinski admittedly nervous of what to say next, before the notable part of taking on the anchor’s job, and ending by calling her “a shaft-grasper”.

The actor, most prominent in films from recent years such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Despicable Me, Hop, and Arthur, will probably not be moving into the more professionalized world of news reading anytime soon, but at least he gave any potential off-the wall broadcasters an interesting ‘what if’ to ponder for a different daily news service…

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