Roskino Confirm Hulu Arrangement With Russian Film Addition

Russian film promoter Roskino are set to see a number of their films released to the American market in an online streaming capacity, after an arrangement with Hulu to feature 12 titles from the European country on the ad-supported site.

Working with American agency Gravitas Ventures, Roskino’s deal with Hulu will result in 12 films from the promoter showing on Hulu and Hulu Plus later this month, so while the deal will probably be seen as fairly insignificant for the platform in comparison to other potential deals (especially when competing against the likes of Netflix), the film providers are pleased at the enhanced overseas exposure that some of their best titles will now recieve.

The collection of independent films on offer will include Siberian-based ‘post-war’ story The Edge, (a Russian nomination for ‘Best Foreign Language film’ during the 2011 Academy Awards), Paper Soldier (winner of ‘Best Director’ at the Venice Film Festival of 2008), and The Stroll, (winner of a ‘Golden Eagle’ awarded by the ‘Russian National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’).

Roskino’s CEO Catherine Mtsitouridze summarised the developments, stating: “We are thrilled to offer new Russian cinema among Hulu’s vibrant collection of great international films. This will mark the first time that a fine selection of Russian films will be available to a wider US audience. It is a huge opportunity for our independent filmmakers to be exposed in such a way to the US market.”

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