Rogers May Launch Streaming TV Service

Canadian cable company Rogers, are said to be in the process of launching a streaming TV service that could become a healthy rival to Netflix north of the border.

Rogers-cableThe news comes from editor of, Greg O’Brien who say that Rogers have $100 million worth of content ready to stream to subscribers for a monthly subscription. He said, “From what I understand, $100 million buys them quite a bit.”

Netflix are currently the dominant streaming company but a Rogers internet TV service could, He continued, “Keep those TV titles and any film titles that they might be able to get away from Netflix in Canada, so it makes the Netflix library weaker.”

Rogers are keeping quiet on the matter, but have been quoted on a web based service, “As previously reported, Rogers is looking at opportunities to deliver a (streaming) service. There are no additional details at this time.”

Rogers are aware of the changing TV landscape and the new generation of ‘media savvy’ customers. Many have chosen to ‘cut the cord‘, which the Canadian cable company take seriously, and is a threat they are not ignoring.

O’Brien continued, “Rogers can see the writing on the wall, as anyone in the media industry can, if you’re going to have your business cannibalized you better be the one doing it. Cable might be the big dog right now but it won’t be forever.”


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