Retail Outlet Target Enter The TV and Movie Streaming Market

US retail giant, Target are entering the internet TV arena with a new service called Target Ticket. The service will offer consumers digital movies and TV episodes to purchase or rent.

target-ticketTarget who are the second biggest retailer in the US, behind Walmart (who own the Vudu streaming service), have been trialling the streaming service with company employees for a while, and are now almost ready to unleash it onto the public.

The website promises a 15,000 catalog of media that includes new movies (some prior to DVD release), classic films and next-day TV with instant access. Titles will include both current and archive content from providers including ABC, AMC, CBS, CW, Fox, FX, HBO, The WB, NBC, Showtime and Starz

The service which will include  parental controls and easy purchase options, will be available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Support for consoles, Blu-Ray players and other connected hardware is said to be coming too.

The service is also said to support the Ultraviolet standard, which lets buyers of physical discs get access to a streaming version for free. Costs are expected to be high (just like iTunes) for movie purchases from $12.99-$14.99. Movie rentals will be between $3.99-$4.99 with TV shows from $2.99 and full seasons at $35.

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