Redbox Instant Apps Appear On Apple And Google Stores

Verizon-owned Redbox Instant has begun selling subscriptions through what is called a beta test. The interesting part? You can start using the service through the beta test on your Apple or Android device. A new app for Redbox Instant debuted through both the Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes App Store, so those who have already signed up for beta-access to the service will be able to stream content through their mobile and tablet devices as well.

redbox-instant-appThe catch? At this point in time you must receive an invitation code from Redbox Instant to sign up for the subscription-based video streaming service. Users interested in beta-access to Redbox Instant simply need to request an invitation code and hope that they email you one. The service is just $8 per month and comes with a free first month trial–similar to what competitor Netflix offers users.

Uniquely however is the fact that Redbox Instant will be offering subscribers a credit to rent up to 4 DVD’s per month at one of their now-iconic Redbox DVD vending machines. Early feedback on the service indicates that users are wishing for more content that can be accessed online through the streaming service–and it’s important to remember that because users are receiving beta-access, there may be a few technical issues along the way.

While Verizon does have a vested interest in RedBox Instant, users will not be forced to use a Verizon device to access the video streaming content, and with the apps now available through both Apple and Android app stores you should be able to access the service on nearly any mobile or tablet device.

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