Real-Life Peter Griffin Appears At Comic-Con 2012

It is sometimes an un-nerving experience to see a popular animated character portrayed in real-life, as through no fault of the person ‘playing’ the character, they just cannot physically look like a cartoon.

peter_griffin_no_loiteringAt the worst end of the scale, it is people in fancy dress that put up a poor impersonation along with not looking like their target, while only slightly more tolerable are actors that take part in live-action adaptations of animated shows (such as The Flintstones or Fairly OddParents, and if rumours surrounding rapper Kanye West are true, The Jetsons may soon join that list), but even still it will just never be the same as the real (unreal) thing.

The man featured in this video is no professional actor, but he certainly falls into the latter category with a convincing ‘Peter Griffin’ while attending the New York Comic-Con last October (a convention which lists amongst its most notable guests Adam West, who would be even more convincing than the ‘Peter’ fan if he showed up as one of the fictionalised versions of himself seen in Family Guy, FairlyOdd Parents, Johnny Bravo, or The Simpsons). For comparison’s sake, a Family Guy compilation featuring Peter can also be seen below.

While it is unlikely that any fan as ‘in-character’ as this will attend the biggest ‘Comic-Con’ of the year next week in San Diego, let us not forget that this impersonation is still unusual to watch however good it may be, and however many views (over 275,000) it has racked up. Besides, he’s missing the chin…

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