Rdio Pulls Plug On Vdio Streaming Service

The fledgling video streaming service Vdio, an offshoot of the successful Rdio music service, is shutting down after the company explained they cannot offer anything new in the crowded streaming TV sector.

Vdio-shutdown The company say on the website statement, “We have concluded that we are not able to deliver a differentiated customer value proposition or a business model which is attractive to shareholders.”

The Vdio product which only launched last April and was available as a browser and an iPad app, allowed users to buy and rent movies and TV shows, just like Amazon Instant. Existing customers who have purchased goods or have credit will be offered Amazon gift cards instead.

The news comes shortly after Rdio installed a new CEO, Anthony Bay who moved from Amazon to take the helm on December 3. Rdio which launched in 2010 will be concentrating it’s efforts back to it’s music service, offering millions of free ad-supported streaming songs just like rival Spotify.

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  1. Robbie
    Robbie December 29, 2013 at 7:36 am

    Kinda too bad, but for as much as I like Rdio (and I do!), I think torch music is so much better for videos. But at least Rdio isn’t going anywhere!

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