RCA Mobile TV Tablet Makes Debut At CES 2013

Have you wanted a tablet for watching TV but for not much else? Well soon enough RCA will have the answer you’ve been looking for–a tablet that will retail for $299 and above all else will provide you with ways to watch television on the go. Making its debut at the CES 2013 show in Las Vegas analysts are already amazed at what the small 8″ sized tablet is capable of.

rca-Mobile-TV-TabletThe Mobile TV Tablet provides you with two ways to watch television on the go. First it comes with a built in ATSC tuner that will allow you to receive traditional over-the-air broadcasts, and secondly a mobile ATSC tuner which works in tandem with the Dyle service, which can offer extended programming–however service may be limited depending on your location. Early reviewers on the show floor indicated that the mobile ATSC tuner picked up just two channels, FOX and Telemundo.

Of course those watching through the Live TV menu, which uses the standard ATSC tuner will receive many more channels, including local ones. Early reports also indicate that the device is kind of heavy, and that to get the best results you may need to extend the built-in antenna to get reception. The tablet comes with Android OS, but is limited to a 1024×768 resolution.

Naturally, with a product like this making its debut at CES, it could go through several changes over the coming weeks and months–but for those looking for a tablet sized device to watch TV on the go with the RCA Mobile TV Tablet may be the device for you.

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