Randy Jackson Announces Decision To Quit American Idol

He is essentially to American Idol what Irishman Louis Walsh is to The X Factor in the UK, a longstanding member of a music judging panel (no matter who else comes and goes) that gained his current status of celebrity through such work, but it appears as though Randy Jackson has decided to no longer continue working on the contest.

randy_jacksonAfter 12 seasons of Idol are close to completion, Jackson announced that next week’s final 2 episodes (in which Candice Glover and Kree Harrison will compete to win) on Wednesday and Thursday, will be the last time that he appears, claiming in an interview with E! Online that he believes it is ‘time to leave’.

The 56-year-old singer and producer Jackson is the only judge who remains from the show’s first season, an impressive feat considering the amount of times the panel has changed around him over those years, with rumours that it will undergo a full-scale overhaul for next year as well, with Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban all expected to get dropped after one season in favour of some even newer faces.

It appears, though, that Jackson will be leaving with some dignity, as he stated of his impending exit: “To put all of the speculation to rest, after 12 years of judging on American Idol I have decided it is time to leave after this season. I am very proud of how we forever changed television and the music industry. It’s been a life changing opportunity but I am looking forward to focusing on my company Dream Merchant 21 and other business ventures.”

Candice Glover, like her competition in the final, paid tribute to the departing judge, as she stated: “Randy’s been here all the times that I was here, so he saw me grow and become an artist, not just a singer. I admire him and always look forward to his opinion, so I definitely don’t think any season is ever going to be the same without ‘in it to win it’ or ‘yo, dawg’.”

With rumours that Randy Jackson would have been forced out of the show anyway, the nature of his farewell from the show will be a more celebrated one than it could have been, but how will his judging performance be looked back on? Maybe a little pitchy, dawg:


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