The Race To Launch First Google TV May Be Won By Logitech

Google TV coming soon, but from whom?

With all the headlines talking about Sony being the first manufacturer to launch the worlds first Google powered tv, it seems that Logitech may pip them to the post and release the first Google Internet TV platform.

Logitech have been one of Google’s partners since the announcment of Google TV, but was not expected to be launching a tv set as it is not known for manufacturing televisions, which makes the announcment a little mysterious although the company are known to be providing accessories for the internet tv platform.

Logitech describes Google TV as “a new experience that combines TV, the entire Web, and apps – as well as a way to search across them all.” and they say that their job is to “enable seamless control” over how users control their Google TV. Although that sounds all well and good, most people imaging they will just be chrurning out wireless keyboards and remote control units etc.

The event that Logitech will be launching at takes place on October 6th, and is officially its event for revealing “its line of products for Google TV.” But we will bring all the news as it happens.

If Logitech do unveil the first Google TV, it will put the dampener on Sony, who will be presenting what it’s calling ‘the world’s first Internet TV’ on  and is expected to be the first official product announcement for an actual TV using Google’s software.


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