Qualcomm Offer Texting Surprise At Bus Stop

Seemingly taking inspiration from a similar advert concept aired in Belgium and Holland by TNT, American telecommunications company Qualcomm have conceived a commercial that invites ‘bored’ commuters at a bus stop to text in a little excitement into their wait.

qualcomm_circus_busUnder the tagline “We make life better with mobile”, Qualcomm launched their campaign by replacing a bus stop advertisement with a custom-made one of their own, inviting waiting travellers the chance to visit a website that will stop from from their ‘boredom’, asking people who have ‘seen it all’ to “use your mobile device to entertain yourself,” by visiting the advertised website.

Soon after anyone takes up the offer, a surprise emerges offering them an alternative to taking the bus, with one man invited by a woman into her open-top Lamborghini, another offered a ride on a dog sled, and a father-daughter pair given their bus as planned, but with a full-on circus performance coming out of it and ongoing during their ride off.

While it will take some effort to make a mark on the impact TNT have had (despite operating in separate markets and territories), the advert from Qualcomm is well on its way to notability, with almost 2 million views in 5 days. The full commercial can be seen below if you want to add to that number, along with a clip that was part of the campaign but did not make it to the main video:

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