Pulp Comedy Movie Gets Xbox Streaming Premiere

In the good old days, movies sometimes headed straight to video to bypass the high costs, and gamble of a theatrical release. New British comedy movie Pulp, has chosen a media distribution channel way that cuts out all the production costs, and is heading straight to exclusive streaming, on the Xbox 360 console.

Pulp, is an independent comedy by Movie studio Dare Productions ,which tells of a bunch of comic book reading nerds (similar to the Xbox owning demographic) who find themselves embroiled in the criminal money laundering underworld.

Pulp-movie-xboxOne of Pulp’s co-directors, Adam Hamdy, said in an interview with the Daily  Telegraph. “Xbox 360 can instantly distribute Pulp to millions of UK customers, and publicize the release in ways that simply aren’t possible traditionally.”

Speaking of the high risk associated with a theatrical release Hamdy said, “With traditional distribution costs running at around £2million for a wide theatrical release, it was hard to justify that kind of risk and investment in a film with no marquee names.

He explained the bypassing of the straight to DVD option saying, “We feel that Pulp is a special, fun film with mainstream appeal that deserved more than a straight-to-DVD release, particularly given the perilous state of the declining DVD market.”

It also means that Microsoft are joining the exclusive and original, online content market which Netflix and Amazon are pushing so heavily. Netflix have just released the big budget, House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, and Amazon are creating a slew of original programming.

The new method of online distribution may well take off as an instant and less riskier method, Hamdy said, “Microsoft might not seem like the obvious partner for an indie comedy, but the film industry has changed. Xbox 360 can instantly distribute Pulp to millions of UK customers, and publicise the release in ways that simply aren’t possible traditionally.”

Microsoft have been pushing the TV capabilities of the Xbox as they rebrand it as an entertainment unit, as opposed to a mere games console. Speaking of the deal, Xbox LIVE product manager Pav Bhardwaj, said, “It’s a great fit, the film is really well aligned with our audience. All our audience like that sort and types of film and it’s great to support British talent.”

Pulp can be watched now on Xbox Live and is also available on Windows 8 and Zune devices. The movie can be bought in standard definition for 1,180 MS points or £10, for the HD version 1,420 MS points or £12.



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