Pudsey: The Dog Movie Reveals First Trailer

While last year this website offered you something a little more lengthy, the story with a talking dog in that has been chosen this year will not be enjoyed unless you are a family audience or an extremely passionate lover of the species.

pudsey_the_dog_movie_boneafideFor those that aren’t, there is a chance below to revel in the… something of this new movie trailer, of planned summer 2014 release Pudsey the Dog: Movie.

The teaser trailer in question features a brief glimpse at the UK’s favourite (and only known) celebrity dancing dog with little preview of the plot, merely showing off what most of the audience will have come to see (the owner/dance partner presumably taking a backseat on the production), whilst the release of an official poster has given birth to the first of what will undoubtedly be as many canine-based puns as the promoters can fit in before, during, and after the film’s release.

As the culmination of the continued popularity of this dog for what will be at least two years, will Pudsey (who is ‘voiced’ by David Walliams, a judge on the Britain’s Got Talent show in which he came from) and his original plot be able to perform another miracle and break the mould of (talking) animal-based movies in live-action? Probably not, but its target audiences might like it:


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