PS4 Youtube Launch Ad Beats Superbowl

The popularity of the Playstation brand and the growing importance of the internet as an advertising model, has been revealed in the February YouTube Ads Leaderboard.

playstation4adThey show which advertisements consumers are choosing to watch and share with others, as well as the massive viewing figures a good ad can achieve.

According to Think with Google blog, The PlayStation 4 press conference in New York was watched over 26 million times, which beat other viral ads such as Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ video which starred Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, as well as the Oreo whisper fight, and the Harlem Shake by Pepsi.

Google ranks the video ads on viewers actually choosing to watch, rather than the obligatory pre-roll ads that need to be endured when viewing most Youtube videos.

The Top Ten List:-

1. Playstation 4
2. Samsung Mobile USA – The Next Big Thing
3 Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial “Farmer”
5 Harlem Shake (Jeff Gordon Edition)
6 Find New Roads Anthem Chevy Commercials
7 OREO Separator Machine #1 – Creator: Physicist David Neevel
8 Find New Roads Anthem Chevy Commercials
9 Pepsi NEXT – Behind the Scenes at #CokeChase
10 OREO – Whisper Fight

So the good news for advertisers, is that if you make a good, funny, or interesting ad, then people will queue up to watch it. The PlayStation 4 trailer is presented below:-

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