PS2 Reaches End Of The Production Line In Japan

As hard as it will be for some people to believe, despite all the interest in modern consoles and what is being released next following the Nintendo Wii U into the ‘eighth generation’ of video games, some products from the sixth-generation of video games are still in operation, though one of them is set to wind down in a sad departure for its fans but probably a timely one from a business perspective.

ps2_promoThe product in question is the PlayStation 2, and makers Sony, who recently ended the life of one of their other notable historic product lines (the Walkman portable music player) are now cutting production of the PS2 in its home country of Japan after a lifecycle spanning 13 years (since 2000) and over 153 million units sold, making it the most popular console of all-time (including handhelds).

The company have noted that they are not going to be providing any more PS2s to Japanese retailers after their existing stock has been moved, though have recognised that a limited number of developers will work towards creating software (games) for the machine for the foreseeable future. Further afield, Sony have noted that PS2 production will end in other territories in ‘the near future’.

It is believed that the move is one to move more resources into supporting the PS3’s final few years in prominence, and development of the PS4, thought to be in continuing progress as they look to make their next move soon against Microsoft’s planned new rival.

It will always be recognised as the first console to include DVD playback capabilities, and will hold the record for most popular games console until the Nintendo DS sells a few million more, but how much will the PS2 be missed now that it is set to fade away from the ‘new’ section of shelves completely?


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