PS Vita TV Console Hinted For European Launch

The presence of Sony in the global video game console market is far from an underrepresented one at present, but it appears there is always room for another addition, as they reportedly plan an expansion of their second-newest console product.

ps_vita_tv_promo_japanThe Sony ‘PS Vita TV’ was released exclusively in Japan on 14 December (the day before the PlayStation 4 made its global release in North America), and whilst confirmed to be reaching Singapore and Malaysia on 16 January 2014 (still before the PS4 makes its debut in Japan), the company are planning to add a future date to that list for the small product, with Europe the primary target.

The PS Vita TV is noted as being a home console with the hardware of a PS Vita handheld console, the end aim being a more budget home console that can play the PS Vita features and games (currently limited due to lack of touchscreen and motion controls) on a larger screen, a concept which they are aiming to introduce to Europe with the inclusion of their ‘PlayStation Mobile’ feature whilst continuing the existing video content sourcing and PS4 Remote Play functionalities.

An excerpt leaked email to a member of the ‘Sony PlayStation Mobile Developer Program’ did not mention expansion specifically, but was written in the English language  to a member claimed to be a ‘western developer’, hinting at the proposals for other markets being covered for the console. It read of the product: “As [part of] our continuous activities to improve our service, we are investigating to add PlayStation Vita TV as one of the target devices of PlayStation Mobile. However, PlayStation Vita TV has some restrictions as below: no camera, no location function, no motion controller function and limited function of touch panel control.”

While the potential for the product to expand (with integration with the PS4 as intended) is certainly there, Sony do have history in keeping a product within or close to the confines of their homeland, so will the PS Vita TV manage to break away from being another example?

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