PC Bestsellers Lenovo Announce Tablet Sales Are Taking Over

Chinese company Lenovo previously made headlines this year for becoming the world’s largest shipper of PCs, but latest figures show that even they are not above prioritising tablet computers in the current market, after they announced sales figures that saw the devices sell more than their own world-leading models in PC format.

lenovo_ideapadIt was noted that for Lenovo, more ‘mobile devices’ (tablet computers and smartphones) have been sold in recent times than their brand of more conventional computing methods, to the point of a 41% ‘year-over-year’ for their ‘phone and tablet sales’, as smart devices continue to claim a stronghold on the computing market that was once PC-exclusive. Lenovo PC shipments remain flat, whilst their laptops (responsible for 53% of the company’s income) rose by 4.7%.

Speaking at a conference call earlier this week, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said of the developments and his company’s planned response to them: “Smartphones are our new opportunity. I believe the PC is a more powerful, multi-function device. People still need this product. It’s still a $200 billion market industry. [However] the smartphone and tablet markets are going through a similar transformation. We are confident that we can replicate the success in the PC market here.”

In other news, Apple were recently identified as still being the market leaders of the tablet computer industry with their market-defining ‘iPad’ brand enjoying a share of 32% of all 45 million tablets sold in the last quarter, although numbers were down on an a much higher 60% share at the same point last year, as their rivals in the market (namely Google Android and Microsoft Windows-based products) continue to grow their respective presences in both numbers and the quality of the products produced at more affordable prices.

With other primarily-PC manufacturers that Lenovo have overtaken in recent years shipment-wise (such as Dell and HP) are yet to have made any sort of significant impact on the mobile device market, is the Chinese company’s success in other ventures set to leave manufacturers of a more traditional product trailing in the dust?

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