Pay As You Go Sky Sports Football Streaming Coming To NOW TV

Sports fans who want to watch live sports including premier League football without paying high monthly subscriptions are in luck, as satellite TV provider BSkyB, have revealed a day rate to access Sky Sports on a pay as you go basis.

Football streaming coming to NOW TV

Football streaming coming to NOW TV

Sky have revealed that they are opening up the service using the Now TV streaming service launched last year. Users can get access to all 6 sports channels including Sky Sports 1 for a daily rate (24 hours) of £9.99, without having to pay £40 plus for monthly subscriptions.

Although the big draw will be live streaming of English Premier League football, there are also plenty of other sports events on offer  such as Tennis, Golf, and Formula 1 racing.

The move which is coming in spring 2013, marks the first time that Sky Sports can be watched without signing up to a 12 month subscription package, so it will appeal to many sports fans. The costs if used for more than a day or 2, will end up costing the same as a monthly subscription of course, but now fans can cherry pick what they want to watch.

The NOW TV streaming on-demand service was launched in March 2012 and offers Sky Movies across a number of connected devices such as Smart TV, PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles. The service costs £15 per month, with an introductory offer of £8.99 for the first 3 months.

Speaking about the move, Sky Sports MD Barney Francis said, “This is a way for us to reach new customers and bring the excitement of Sky Sports to an even bigger audience.”

Now TV  face stiff competition in the UK internet TV market, with rivals such as Lovefilm and Netflix being much cheaper. They have managed to secure 25,000 customers by the end of 2012, and with sports fans being offered pay as you go services, they could soon see that number rocket.


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