Parents Television Council Call Out Super Bowl Cursing On CBS

While there is often plenty of hype surrounding the commercials and half-time shows that come with a Super Bowl, there is actually a bit of sport during the broadcast that viewers are interested in, and while the NFL’s finest team of the year has been crowned as the Baltimore Ravens (who now take the fairly unchallenged title of ‘world champions’ of american football after beating the San Francisco 49ers 34-31), their team’s achievements could occur under the very smallest of dark clouds, after the Parents Television Council (PTC) have hit out at ‘strong language’ used during the post-game celebrations.

joe_flacco_ravens_curseLuckily for the Ravens and the league, the criticism has not been directed at the player in question (Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco), but instead this year’s Super Bowl broadcast network (CBS), who have been told by the PTC that they should have been more cautious when following the celebrations that were seen on prime-time by the third-largest TV programme audience in American history.

Flacco, who won the game’s MVP award (for a performance which saw him complete 22/33 passes for 287 yards and 3 touchdowns) was overheard by the live cameras shouting that the win was “f**king awesome”.

CBS are said to have kept a slight time-delay on the event during the studio analysis and Beyonce’s half-time show (attempting to avoid a potential repeat of the infamous ‘Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction’), but kept the game itself live, meaning that they left themselves open to an ‘incident’ such as this.

Tim Winter, the PTC president, issued his fury on behalf of the organisation towards the network, stating: “Despite empty assurance after empty assurance from the broadcast networks that they would never air indecent material, especially during the Super Bowl, it has happened again. No-one should be surprised that a jubilant quarterback might use profane language while celebrating a career-defining win, but that is precisely the reason why CBS should have taken precautions.

“Joe Flacco’s use of the F-word, while understandable, does not absolve CBS of its legal obligation to prevent profane language from being broadcast – especially during something as uniquely pervasive as the Super Bowl. The instance was aired live across the country, and before the FCC’s designated ‘Safe Harbor’ time everywhere but along the East Coast. Now nine years after the infamous Janet Jackson incident, the broadcast networks continue to have ‘malfunctions’ during the most-watched television event of the year, and enough is enough.”

CBS are yet to comment on an issue that only a really affects a very sensitive few, so while it is still a debatable case, the clip of Flacco’s swearing after the game, which appears to be barely audible, can be seen below, where you can also direct your ‘outrage’ if need be:

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