Opera Software Turn Online Video To TV Apps With Dailymotion Partnership

Working alongside French video-sharing site Dailymotion (the self-proclaimed ‘second-biggest online video website’ in the world), Norwegian web browser creators Opera Software have revealed a new ‘TV app’ designed to ‘transform online video’ to ready-made ‘connected TV content’ in under a minute.

opera_softwareThe free service will see content from Dailymotion (the subject of recent takeover rumours by American search engine giants Yahoo!) offered to over 108m smart TV sets around the world (as well as ‘connected Blu-ray players’, ‘hybrid set-top boxes’, and ‘streaming media players’), with individual ‘channels’ within the service the subject of interest, as Opera reveal their intentions to turn such content collections into ‘apps’ of their own on smart TV sets.

Offering it as a way for content owners and popular brands to work around having to create an app of their own, Opera seek to use ‘Opera TV Snap’ to allow content owners on Dailymotion to ‘repurpose their existing online video inventory’ to the format of apps based on the HTML5 standard, with the benefit of being able to cash in further on that content through the separate advertising networks run by Opera.

The apps would be offered directly through Opera’s own online ‘Opera TV Store’, as Dailymotion invite their users to submit applications to do so, a process which merely involves ‘filling out a channel description’, taking less than a minute to complete from that point thanks to the cloud technology on offer for conversion.

Opera Software’s ‘senior vice-president for TV & Devices’ Aneesh Rajaram said of the service being launched: “Video has proven to be the most popular app category for Smart TV audiences, and it’s no wonder, as larger TV screens can bring viewers up close and personal with their favorite online content. Opera TV Snap will help brands and content owners effortlessly reach new audiences, while bringing a greater choice of popular video to viewers. I can’t wait to watch the latest highlights from my favorite sports teams and music artists directly on my Smart TV.”

Dailymotion’s ‘vice-president of media development’, Vincent Martin, was of similar happiness as he announced his company’s part in the arrangement, summarising: “The big screen is a fast growing new territory for online video, and Dailymotion is proud to provide a new tool to its content partners to benefit from that growth. The Opera TV Snap solution is a good example of Dailymotion’s strategy to simplify distribution and exploit content across all screens and platforms. And, for our users, it will be even easier to find their favorite content directly on their Smart TVs.”

Although it is currently unclear whether the middle man in this case (Dailymotion) would be able to claim app downloads as part of their 2.5b monthly views (from an estimated 112m unique users), they are clearly getting a few publicity benefits from this deal, even if it is not entirely under their name…

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