Nintendo Wii Releases Very Late YouTube App During Next Generation

While Nintendo’s company focus over the past few weeks has definitely been to ensure the smooth release of their new Nintendo Wii U console (a process which has now officially begun but is still in progress for the markets of Europe, Australia (30 November), and Japan (8 December)), there has been a last-ditch effort to retain interest in the 6-year-old original version.

Perhaps more of a move to please existing Nintendo Wii owners rather than attracting too many new ones, the streaming service finally arrives in app form on the console, being launched last week just days before the Wii U hit the North American market on 18 November, although the move does give the Japanese seventh-generation console level footing with rivals such as the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which themselves only started offering app-style access to the video-sharing website this year (the PS3 in particular had only done so previously with access via their built-in web browser).

A YouTube statement on the matter summarised: “YouTube on Nintendo Wii offers another way to enjoy YouTube on the big screen, and even more opportunities for creators to build an audience.”

Now downloadable for free from the ‘Wii Shop channel’, the ‘Nintendo Wii YouTube app’ is designed specifically for the motion-remote cursor-based console, offering a new search feature, categories, and the applicable regular features from the traditional browser-based version of the Google-owned website. The parties involved may talk up their new collaboration, but with an arguably bigger and better YouTube service available on its successor, is the release too little too late for the Nintendo Wii?

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