Nielsen Record Extra Five Hours Of Weekly Viewing Online

A survey from communications research specialists Nielsen has shown that Americans are again watching more online video than ever before, claiming that the national average for weekly internet browsing and video content watching has gone up by 5 hours.

The Nielsen Cross-Platform Report Study, which looks at consumer habits across a range of devices, suggests that in Q2 of 2012, viewers have also been spending ‘an increasing amount of time’ watching or browsing through smartphones and tablet computers, with this often occurring as a ‘second screen’ experience, according to 40% of TV watchers questioned who use a second screen at least ‘once a day’ (rising to 62% per week and 84% per month).

Smartphones are now believed to feature prominently in over 50% of US households, while tablets are naturally behind, but still progressing, on around 20%.

In addition, Nielsen looked at the influence that a Netflix membership has on a person’s TV-online viewing ratio, discovering that despite similar weekly content viewing times (a ‘320 minute’ average) to those without a membership to the popular site, subscribers to Netflix sees them view 30 minutes less ‘traditional’ TV content. The figures gathered indicated that Netflix users watch 246 ‘TV minutes’ and 12 minutes of streaming in a week (likely down to the variety in ‘movie download’ rates from Netflix), while non-Netflix users spend an average of 276 and 4 weekly minutes in the respective categories.

In addition, Americans are reported to be utilising alternative ‘TV-based’ services as well, with a cumulative 34 hours per week spent viewing ‘linear TV and VOD’ (258 minutes live, 22 minutes recorded), home media such as DVDs (10 minutes), and video games (12 minutes), as the company summarised the trends: “Most of the content from these activities was delivered to the TV set in a traditional manner – over broadcast, cable, satellite or telco connection – [but] a growing amount was delivered by Internet connection.”

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