New YouTube Video Gives First-Person Game A Faithful Edge

Video games are increasingly a prime target for fan-made film tributes thanks to the popularity of the market and of video-sharing platform YouTube, and one title from recent years has captured the imagination for a recreation fairly close to the subject matter.

mirrors_edge_mirrorCreated by YouTube user Ampisound, a tribute has been released for popular EA Games first-person action-adventure Mirror’s Edge, released in 2007 and known for its unique perspective of action moves and helping bring the arts of parkour and free-running to greater prominence.

Ampisound have previously released free-running videos, though their latest one will be a much more notable edition, given the iconic outfit that the ‘runner’ has put on to imitate the game’s lead character ‘Faith’ (part of an illegal network of couriers known as ‘runners’ in a dystopian future), even if you cannot see anything other than arms and legs (although for a tribute to that franchise that is pretty much essential).

The official description of the video states: “EA/DICE [developers EA Digital Illusions CE] recently announced Mirror’s Edge 2, and out of excitement we decided to put together this POV video! If it does well, we’ve got some plans for a second one!”

While Ampisound probably have more potential to quickly turn over a second version, the original version of Mirror’s Edge will have the most notable sequel (or going by the title’s announcement, prequel), and for comparision’s sake, a trailer for next-generation game Mirror’s Edge 2, along with the series’ new flagship reimagining, can be seen below:

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