New Wireless Streaming To TV Device, Plair Makes It Easy

Streaming videos from your mobile to your television set is about to get a whole lot easier–and the ease of use doesn’t include either Apple or Google TV products. In fact, it’s a whole new device, which is effectively being called an app-cessory. Imagine a world where you simply plug in a USB Dongle and control the content with your mobile phone.

Plair let you stream wirelessly from PC to TV

Plair let you stream wirelessly from PC to TV

This new app-cessory is called Plair, and it aims at not only solving the problem of sharing digital media through your television set, it looks to make it easier and painless. Developed by NewDealDesign, the Plair is a WiFi enabled HDMI dongle that can connect to any television set with a spare port handy.

Then by using an additional iOS or Android OS app which is free to download, users can instantly stream photos and videos stored on their devices straight to their TV.

For those without a mobile device, consumers will be able to use a website portal via a laptop or desktop to stream content. “I think attention span in the mobile environment is considerably lower,” NewDealDesign President Gadi Amit said in a recent interview. “Within the flow of social interaction–business context or personal context–you have maybe a few seconds to suggest interacting with video. Mobile is a completely different setting than inviting people to watch the Super Bowl.”

The device not only streams content stored locally on your device, but it also has the ability to pull video content from popular sources like YouTube, CollegeHumor, CNN, or your favorite catch-up TV service. It can also access content stored in the cloud, meaning you can easily save videos and content for later when your guests arrive. The Plair is currently in beta-testing stage, but should be available sometime in 2013.

In face of competition from Chromecast, an all new Plair 2 stick has now been released.

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