New Survey Reveals Large Numbers Turning On To Streaming Video

OTT, or over-the-top video consumption, better known as “streaming video” has been on a tremendous incline according to a new study by Accenture, a consulting company. Earlier this year, Accenture surveyed over 2,000 adults in both the United States and the United Kingdom to help discover how video consumption has evolved in light of advanced access to streaming video.

More people turning onto streaming TV

Not surprisingly, over half of the respondents surveyed said they were already viewing streaming video content–and young adults aged 18 to 24 led all demographics in watching streaming television and movies. 82  percent in the age group claimed they consumed “some OTT video,” while 60 percent of the same group admitted that at least one quarter of all the television and movie content they consume is done so through video streaming.

More interestingly, the survey also discovered that younger adults were more inclined to take recommendations from social networks. 35 percent of 18 to 24 year olds said they were interested in getting video recommendations via a social network account–which should be a startling figure to the creators of second-screen viewing apps that have been popping up all year.

Accenture also questioned those surveyed about which devices they were using to watch streaming video and the use of mobile devices, again, is not surprising. 24 percent of respondents claimed they viewed streaming content via mobile devices, and six percent use mobiles to watch live television content.

Uniquely, many of those who were surveyed claimed that they do not watch full-length shows on mobile, desktop or tablet devices–instead they prefer watching those on the old-fashioned television screen, leaving mobile devices regulated for watching short clips.

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