New ScreenBee iPad App Offers New Second Screen Interactivity

On Tuesday, mPortal, creator of connected experiences among mobile and tablet devices launched another second screen app called ScreenBee. Billed as an interactive second screen companion app for users that will also provide content providers with new options and features for reaching their audiences. Moving beyond “social TV” the ScreenBee app, which is available for the iPad via the Apple Store, provides users with a new form of second screen interactivity that is fresh and unique.

The app provides users with the ability to discover new television programs in addition to seeing what their friends and family are currently enjoying. Users of the app can also search for their favorite shows, add programs to a favorites list and set the app to remind them of air-times for upcoming episodes. In terms of scripted entertainment, the app provides additional show details, like episode synopsis and backstage photos of the cast.

A future update to the app will provide users with different information depending on the type of programming they are synced up with on their television set. If a user is watching a sports game the app might provide additional player and team stats, social voting, and even trivia. Most importantly the app providers users with the ability to interact with their friends and family while watching their favorite shows together–in real time.

“Solutions like ScreenBee demonstrate how organizations can bridge the gap between traditional television and new ways of consuming media that also tend to be heavily integrated with social media,” said Sheryl Kingstone, a Director at Yankee Group. “Using tablets in front of the TV is already a common activity, with 16 percent of U.S. consumers and 24 percent of European consumers indicating they already are engaged in the habit.”

Now with the new app from ScreenBee, content providers have a new and exciting way to reach their target audiences.

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