Netlix Launch “House Of Cards” For The On-Demand Generation

Watching full seasons has become common place for many viewers. Using DVD box sets or more recently, download and streaming options is making binge viewing much more commonplace. But they have always been for shows that have ended their tradition scheduled run, and older shows for us to reminisce over . But today that all changes thanks to streaming service Netflix.

House of Cards - A defining moment in TV history?

House of Cards – A defining moment in TV history?

House of Cards, the political drama starring Kevin Spacey is runs on a budget that rival cable companies might approve, but this is exclusively for an $8 per month streaming service. The show is the first big budget (rumored at $100 million for the two series commissioned), original TV series that has launched online first.

This will be the second original show produced for Netflix. Lillyhammer was launched last February for season long viewing all-at-once, but that show was also on traditional TV and did not have quite so many A-listers and the mammoth budget and publicity given to House of Cards.

The political drama which is adapted from a BBC show, stars Spacey as the cunning and ruthless Congressman Francis Underwood who will stop at nothing to conquer everything in the political world filled with greed, sex, and corruption.

Social Network Director David Fincher was brought in for the first two episodes of the show which will be available all at once. 13 full hour episodes made available to around 30 million Netflix subscribers.

The show is seen as a defining moment in TV, and leaves many wondering if the $100 million gamble will pay off. After all viewers could just watch all 13 shows then cancel their subscription, and is the Netflix online catalog strong enough to keep viewers subscribing?

The reviews are already coming in, and the show seems destined to be a hit. You can watch all 13 episodes of House of Cards on Netflix.

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