Netflix Viewers Will Soon Be Able To Share History On Facebook

Have you ever wanted to share you Netflix viewing habits with your friends on Facebook? In 2013, after much lobbying by the company to over-turn federal law, subscribers in the United States will now have that ability. After a new amendment was passed by Congress Netflix now aims to introduce a variety of social features not seen before on the video-streaming service.

Facebook-NetflixOf course sharing your Netflix viewing history on Facebook will be an opt-in feature, however, for the first time service subscribers will have access to social TV features that have been available to cable TV and over-the-air TV viewers for years. The result of the new law, signed by President Obama on Thursday, is simply a coup for Netflix–who has worked for years to get things set straight.

The issue regarding such social features has been the question of Netflix being a “video tape service provider.” Companies regarded as such have, until now, been kept to a strict set of standards regarding consumer privacy. Honestly, who would want their movie-rental history available to the public? That has been the issue, and is a main reason why no social interactivity features have yet to be included in the popular video-streaming service.

Consumers will still have to consent to Netflix sharing their viewing history through an eventual app with the various social networks that exist in the 21st century–and argument that Netflix used to make changes to the rental privacy laws that were currently in place. Netflix has not said exactly which social networks it plans to implement sharing for, however, popular sites like Facebook and Twitter are obviously top candidates for such.

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