Netflix Test Account User-Based Subscription Prices

In news that will cause a little financial-based fear amongst those that like to milk their Netflix subscription for all it is worth, it has been hinted that the streaming service could soon be introducing a pricing structure based on how many people can access their recently-created individual user accounts.

netflix_profile_selectionThe initiative reportedly being proposed by Netflix is one that would see incremental prices introduced based on the number of people noted as using the service, with additional ‘screens’ accepted by subscribers (to watch different content in different rooms at the same time) triggering a higher price bracket, which will range from $6.99-$11.99 based on the number (between 1-4 screens).

The pricing for standard Netflix service (2 screens) is $7.99, the same as their separate ‘DVD by mail’ offering (based on 1 ‘active’ disc).

The current trial method, if successful, is one that Netflix are said to be planning to roll out to more customers and markets, as they look to place limits on the amount that people can share a single subscription.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter spoke positively of this potential, stating: “I am sure that they have the ability to monitor device use. I admire their resolve to try to combat piracy. This is an ingenious solution.”

Netflix spokesperson Jonathan Friedland stated: “We test all the time in an effort to come up with better options for consumers. There are numerous tests at any given time.”

With CEO Reed Hastings having already stated his belief back in April that ‘fewer than 1%’ of the company’s customers are likely to go for all the way round for the full $12 package, will the additions become worthwhile for Netflix’s time to implement?

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