Netflix Suggest Health Benefits Of Binge Viewing

Almost always just a word that will only be thought of in association with ‘health’ if it is preceded by ‘bad’, the term ‘binge’ is being spun into a more positive light by streaming giants Netflix… at least where the concept of content consumption is concerned.

Netflix-TV-Binge-ViewingA recent survey from the American company has seen them announce their belief that the activity of ‘binge-watching’ – as is popular amongst viewers of their vast database of streamed content including TV series – is one that is above the stereotypes of ‘couch potatoes’ and is beneficial to a person’s health, on the basis that over half of those questioned claimed a ‘willingness’ to exercise while watching something Netflix.

In a statement posted this week, Netflix noted of their discovered trends: “According to a recent survey among 1,000 US Internet users conducted by Netflix, Inc., more than 50% of respondents were willing to exercise while binge watching instead of slouching on the couch.”

Further statistics found included 45% responding with the agreement that they would be ‘more motivated to exercise’ should they have access to content ‘on-demand and commercial free’ content available whilst already working out, whilst in a breakdown of content types, sitcoms were claimed to be the most popular format to exercise to(36%), followed after a gap by serialized dramas (27%), sci-fi/fantasy programming (24%), and reality TV (20%).

Taken for quotes was ‘celebrity fitness instructor’ Harley Pasternak, who stated: “I call it the Netflix fitness effect. My clients have been working out with Netflix for years. It makes cardio feel easier and less boring. Whether you’re watching at home doing resistance exercises or taking your tablet or phone to the gym, Netflix gives people an extra reason to sweat.”

What people do in their own homes shouldn’t ordinarily be too much of a concern for the streaming site, but in this case the willing respondents have provided an interesting angle on the way people watch content, and it could potentially inspire some of the other half of viewers to begin a regime of ‘Netflixercise’…


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