Netflix Suffers Xmas Outage Across The Americas

In what appears to be lightning striking twice in the USA, streaming giants Netflix have once again failed to remain permanently online for the duration of the holiday period, with their latest service outage affecting their entire platform across the Americas.

Netflix-outageWhilst fixed relatively quickly, Boxing Day (26 December) 2013 will still go down amongst hardcore Netflix followers as the day that they were unable to access the subscription streaming service 3 times in the brand’s home country of America for just under an hour, a sentiment which is shared for Netflix branches in Canada and ‘Latin America’.

The source of a huge range of potential holiday entertainment for families and individual viewers would naturally be facing one of its most busy annual periods of the year due to its on-demand (and mostly available) nature, though subscribers old and new were uniformly unable to for a small part of yesterday night, with every viewer on every device blacked out to an unspecified issue.

The official ‘Netflix customer support’ Twitter account was the main source of calm towards their customers (who ranged from jokes to possibly serious comments of distress at the outage), as they first wrote at 22:11 EST: “To our customers in the US, CA, and Latin America: we’re aware of streaming issues on all devices & working to resolve the problem ASAP.”

Following up at 22:54 was their greenlight message, though, reading: “The issues reported earlier have been fixed. Our apologies – and thank you for your patience.”

With the scare for customers now out of the way, Netflix will hope for a hassle-free run towards 2014, but the question now is will it be achieved? Only 6 days to find out…


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