Netflix Snaps Up Golden Globe Award For Best Performance

Netflix now have some company in the trophy cabinet for their Emmy Award won by director David Fincher.  He grabbed the award for his work on House of Cards back in 2013. And now the streaming service have won another award for the hit show.

robin-wright-golden-globeIn a first for original online content at the Globes, Netflix secured six nominations, 3 for House of Cards (Best TV Drama Series, Best Actor for Kevin Spacey, best supporting role for Corey Stoll, and best actress for Wright),

Arrested Development was nominated for best actor performance by Jason Bateman, and Orange is the New Black grabbed a nomination for best Actress for Taylor Schilling).

Although Netflix didn’t manage to turn all those nominations into awards. Robin Wright won best actress for her role as Kevin Spaceys wife Claire Underwood. House of Cards, is the streaming remake of the original BBC political series broadcast in 1990, and the first original program made by Netflix.

The show whose second season begins February 14, is a dark tale of politics in modern day Washington, where political power struggles ensue in the race for power in the Oval Office.

Netflix will be getting used to award nominations now after making history last September, when the became the first internet television provider to win an Emmy award. Although co-host, Amy Poehler couldn’t resist a little dig at the streaming service saying, “Enjoy it while you can Netflix, because you won’t be feeling so smug in a few years when Snapchat is up here accepting awards.”

See the rest of the Golden Globe winners here.



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