Netflix Prices Set To Drop $1 For SD-only Streaming

In an effort to entice the slightly less well-off clientele at their disposal, streaming platform Netflix are looking to expand their reach by helpfully lowering their prices… for those that want to limit themselves to standard-definition streaming only.

netflix_dollarFor the saving of $1/month, Netflix are now providing users who joined on a free trial period over the holidays the chance to only pay for SD content – a useful tool for those that that do not have the signal capability to perform otherwise, as well as limiting viewing to ‘single stream’ (a user accessing content on one device at a time) compared with HD plus additional methods (such as SD, 4K, and 3D when they appear) and ‘double stream’ (watching a piece of content on two devices simultaneously) that is available on the regular deal.

The prices of these options are $6.99 and $7.99/month, respectively, meaning it would not be worth the while for a large majority of existing Netflix users to make the drop… if it were permitted, with the service currently being tested for new users only, and potentially staying that way, as originally reported by Adweek.

Netflix’s ‘chief communications officer’ Jonathan Friedland wrote in an e-mailed statement on the matter: “We always are testing new things. …[This feature] may not be something we ever offer generally.”

With the content range on offer still in place, users on the slightly cheaper new model of Netflix content will not be missing out on what they see, just how they see it… which leaves you to wonder if it is just worth paying the extra dollar just in case for those consumers that are making the budget and connection-based calls…

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