Netflix Prepare For Multiple Profile Launch

Set to launch the long-rumoured ‘multiple user’ settings that a number of subscribers (in particular family-based) have desired for a long time, Netflix will soon reveal the feature as part of an update late this summer.

netflix_multi-usersThe feature, designed in the knowledge that one Netflix subscription is generally not used by one person (with the different users generally having different tastes in content), will enable an additional (but much less protected) log-in option once the account is logged into.

The multiple account set-up (which will presumably feature on all Netflix-supporting mediums) is fully-customizable with regards to recommended shows (although limited to a ‘kids hub’ on sub-accounts which have been parent-ally age-locked) and user avatars, separate from all others on the subscription with a maximum of ‘five or six’ users to one account.

The service is currently in the testing phase, though Netflix’s ‘vice-president of product innovation’ Todd Yellin claims it will be ready for a full release by the end of August.

Using the currently-ongoing E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles (USA) as a place to show off their latest feature, Yellin demonstrated the feature that will see the new ‘start screen’ (pictured) appear after an account log-in asking for the user, after which the viewing experience returns to normal for the viewer, with the exception of not being recommended shows or movies their family members would like rather than themselves.

Yellin said of the multi-user interface, and how Netflix as a whole is crucial to the TV industry: “It [Netflix] is the revolution of TV. They used to send out a TV show and then they’d have no freaking idea who was watching it, how much they were watching … it was just Nielsen diaries. You and your wife might have very different tastes. Why can’t you have a profile, and she has a profile? We’re finally launching it this summer.”

With other features for the further future (such as a collaboration with YouTube for a Wi-Fi based ‘Netflix remote control feature’ for TV screens via smartphone apps, a ‘universal’ proposal planned for a roll-out in the next 2-5 years), Netflix do not appear to be resting on their laurels of being the #1 subscription streaming service in America, but will their attempts to innovate technology be as warmly received?

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