Netflix In Hysterix With New Open Source Safeguard Service

Online streaming giants Netflix have revealed their intentions to operate their distribution services as ‘open source’, by launching a new technology for their cloud-based interactions entitled Hystrix.

The new service is claimed as a ‘library’ managing to isolate specific points of access (POA) between features from Netflix, and while providing a greater tolerance for ‘latency and failure’, enables ‘fallback options’ in case of site problems, and ‘uptime improvements’ to the popular platform.

Explaining the new service yesterday by blog post was Netflix engineer Ben Christensen, who wrote: Hystrix evolved out of resilience engineering work that the Netflix API team began in 2011. Over the course of 2012, Hystrix continued to evolve and mature, eventually leading to adoption across many teams within Netflix. Today tens of billions of thread-isolated and hundreds of billions of semaphore-isolated calls are executed via Hystrix every day at Netflix and a dramatic improvement in uptime and resilience has been achieved through its use.”

Industry experts are of the belief that Hystrix could become a useful tool in creating ‘service-oriented architectures’ via the cloud, the same infrastructure which Netflix implements to support their busy userbase, with claims that it could be those customers that through their association ‘contribute resources’ to benefit the development of open-sourced tools that Netflix could use at a later date.

Christensen adds that Hysterix already deals with hundreds of billion ‘semaphore-isolated’ calls and ‘tens of billions’ in thread-isolted calls each day and that in the near future they will release a ‘real-time dashboard’ to display current activity from their newest feature. While it may not be a show-stopping development from Netflix or one that necessarily ‘engages’ with their target market, monthly subscribers to the unlimited service will hope that with their developments in safeguarding and cloud storage, the chances of their movie streams being interrupted by a site error are now close to ‘none’…

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