Netflix Grabs 1.5 Million UK Subscribers At Expense Of Lovefilm

Netflix have reaffirmed confirmed their dominance in the UK streaming market after a reporting confirms that subscriber numbers have hit 1.5 million plus in the United Kingdom and Ireland since launching last year.

Netflix-UKThe news reported by The Guardian newspaper cited a report from research firm Enders Analysis who concluded the UK video-on-demand service had between 1.5-2 million subscribers.

Netflix currently have around 38 million paying subscribers worldwide, that includes 7 million from the 40 international markets operated in. This includes around 2 million subscribers from Canada which was Netflix’s first foray outside the U.S.

Enders analyst Toby Syfret says that despite being relatively quiet, Netflix are gaining subscribers at the expense of rival streaming service Lovefilm. He said that, “Netflix is still something of the silent intruder in the U.K. [and] has released almost nothing publicly since announcing last August that it had broken the 1 million barrier.”

He also said that Netflix’s rise has coincided with a fall in visitors to the Lovefilm instant, the streaming company owned by Amazon. Another possible driver of growth is in the spurt of original series released online first by Netflix. Enders said that shows such as political thriller, House of Cards helped push up UK numbers along with top American shows like Breaking Bad.

Netflix are on another high as well, after company shares hit a two-year high following a deal with the Weinstein Company to stream all it’s movies including Django Unchained, Rambo, Inglourious Basterds, The King’s Speech, and The Artist before other pay TV services.


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